About us

We are the biggest Store for Brass&Wind instrumensts in the Czech Republic. You can choose from the large selection of the instruments and accessories of the world known producers ( Schagerl, Yamaha, Schilke, Bach, Ricco Kühn, Alexander, E.Schmid, Holton, Selmer, Buffet Crampon, Venus and others ).

The owner of the store, Mr. Arnold Kinkal, is a professional trumpet player and his advices and suggestions can help you when choosing the right instrument, mouthpiece or any accessories for you.

For beginners

In our shop beginners will find the perfect intermediate/student instrument for a reasonable price, or find an used instrument from our second hand offer.

For professionals

You can try out the professional brass & woodwind instruments in our shop. We also offer wide selection of mouthpieces and accessories from various manufacturers.

Our team

Arnold Kinkal

Arnold Kinkal  | professional trumpet player, shop owner

David Matoušek  | Specialist - brass instruments

Jan Janda  |  Specialist - woodwinds