We carefuly inspect, clean and maintain every second hand instrument we offer, you can also try them out in our shop before you buy anything.

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V.Bach - Stradivarius 37G
39.000 Kč
  • excellent condition
  • about 20yrs old
  • rarely used
  • with unoriginal case
  • contact us for more details


Bach TR-300
9.000 Kč
  • B trumpet
  • student model
  • 6yrs old
  • laquered
  • good condition


We currently don't offer any instruments in this category


Yamaha YSS-875
55.000 Kč
  • sopran sax
  • in excellent condition
  • about 15 yrs old, rarely used
  • with original case
Schagerl Amadeus 66
39.000 Kč
  • tenor sax TBR-669
  • in very good condition
  • about 8 yrs old
  • with original case

Other instruments

Piccolo trumpet Martin Peter B/A
59.000 Kč
  • made in Germany, Ludwig Güttlers trumpet
  • B/A
  • in excellent condition, with case